Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Review: Music With An Exclamation Point

Here's a great review for the Dust Bowl EP from the blog Music With an Exclamation Point

"It feels like a slow-motion mosh in a room filled with red strobe lights."

The five members of Your Cannons live and play in San Francisco, but they all moved recently from various far-flung places around the world. Chris (Guitar) and Andrew (Guitar/Vox) are from Oxford, Daniel (Guitar) is from Stockholm, Jeff (Drums) is from Colorado and Brendan (Bass) is from the Bay Area. They started out in 2008 and recorded EP Dust Bowl in early 2009. Andrew tells me, “We recorded the EP over a 12 hour, midnight to noon session, attempting to record everything as live as possible.”
The EP certainly has a music-at-midnight feel that suits Your Cannons down to the
Your Cannons
Your Cannons
ground – it feels like a slow-motion mosh in a room filled with red strobe lights. The EP is only three tracks long but the musicians are clearly accomplished and the songwriting has a pathway, a goal, if you like, that’s easy to pick up on and listen to. I make a point of mentioning “High Noon”, a melodic, ‘whirly’ track with some great vocal trims – my favourite on the EP. The title track “Dust Bowl” is dreamy and dark, with hints of distortion, like a good cocktail. Nothing massively groundbreaking, but good to listen to. And “Only A Mile” sees a short-shift up into more indie-rock territory, some FX-y, hooky cool.
Musically? Very sound indeed, if you’ll pardon the pun. Lyrically? Yeah, pretty good. It takes a good range of soundscapes too, from the minimalist guitar/beats to full pedals, distortion and all the trimmings and trappings. All in all? I like this a lot, especially for a debut EP. There are some production gaps, and obviously room for sound development, but you can’t expect everything all at once. For now, you should all come and join me in the red strobe room.