Thursday, March 10, 2011

SF Chronicle Blog "Off-The-Record" from Tony DuShane

Your Cannons - A Must For Break-ups

If you have just broken up with your significant other and you're putting together a break-up mix, which I'm sure you do if you're reading here with the rest of us, the local band Your Cannons is a definite must include on that mix.

In fact, they make me want to have a girlfriend, so I can break up with her and just cry my eyes out while listening to their song High Noon on repeat.

Groovy fuzzed out guitars, in a slow melodic way is what Your Cannons do best. Well, and they break your heart, with a tenderness that puts the pieces back together.

Your Cannons perform at Kimo's on August 31st. $5. 9 p.m.

But wait, there's more. Check out this great video filmed in San Francisco and play the I Know Where That Is game...

Posted By: Tony DuShane (Email)
August 28 2010 at 08:38 PM

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

EP2 Review from The Boy Kicked Out At The World

UK Blog The Boy Kicked Out At The World reviews EP2...

       Two EP’s into a promising career and Your Cannons are exploring a dark terrain combining distortion and vivid soundscapes in equal measure. While EP2 may not immediately catch the listener’s attention in the same way as High Noon from the Dust Bowl EP  the band have certainly made giant steps forward in style and song construction.
     While comparisons to shoegaze are obvious in the deep set vocals, distortion and reverb, it is perhaps the spirit of Neil Young that most shines through, especially on EP opener and stand out track 18. It draws the listener into a world that feels both expansive and claustrophobic; it’s dark, brooding and fragile.
Filthy Lustre continues this path; it still has many of the strengths of 18 but sounds a little more forced. It has the feel of the band exploring their sound rather than pushing forward; which makes Siberia even more of a gem. The gentle intro with soft drum rolls before Andrew Chamings delivers his most confidant vocals on the EP; then we have things broken down midway through to allow the strength of Your Cannons soundscape style to sweep through the song. The EP closes with Sparks, a more traditionally sculpted song but one that suggests that Your Cannons have plenty more for the future.

Band Bio + iTunes and Bandcamp links

Your Cannons are a rock band from San Francisco. Influenced by other rock bands, the books they‘ve read, and what their parents taught them as children, their songs are built around a dynamic three guitar attack, tight rhythms, layered with vocal melody, and heavy with distortion and effects.

Your Cannons formed in San Francisco in late 2008, and started playing around the Bay Area in early 2009.

Your Cannons are truly multicultural, with members from England, Sweden, and the USA, but bridged their xenophobia with a mutual love of early Verve and Mogwai, and a desire to craft guitar music that was intricate, powerful and emotive.

Your Cannons’ music has been described as having, "an otherworldly sound, like, a slow-motion mosh in a room filled with red strobe lights."

Your Cannons released their debut recording, the Dust Bowl EP, through iTunes and Amazon, to some critical acclaim, and followed with "EP 2" in August 2010.

Your Cannons are rapidly building loyal following through regular shows in and around the Bay Area, as well as recent shows in SoCal, but would step over their own mothers to tour nationally with another band they admire and respect.

Your Cannons won The Deli SF website ‘Band of The Month’ award in December 2009, but only because they got their parents, aunties, uncles and grandmas to vote for them.

Your Cannons are represented by New York agency DeepFreeze Music for TV and Film licensing.

Your Cannons are:

Andrew Chamings - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Knutson - Drums
Chris Trewin - Guitar
Brendan Henrie - Bass
Daniel Hemmingsson - Guitar

For bookings, or just someone to talk to, please email

'Dust Bowl EP,' & 'EP 2' both available on iTunes and BandCamp.

Your Cannons