Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two great reviews for Lost in Here...


"Your Cannons have a refined sound that perfectly accentuates each band member’s musical contribution like they’ve all commandeered an individually coloured spotlight, flicking on and off with a recurring change in tone, the sound produces a woozy and almost indefinable edge to what is already a stockpile of carefully calibrated gems. West Coast Art-Rock with a wealth of divergent influences, this multi-national five-piece manage to daze and confuse through an array of luxuriously buzzing hyper-riffs – ‘Slate Skies’ below is a confident place to start."

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"It is a strong debut album that flows from shoe-gazing stoner rock to post-punk psychedelic; it lulls you into the space the band creates and begs you to follow them on their journey. The multi-cultured influences can be heard as we get the almost ambient English/European rock feel that can be traced back to the early days of Pink Floyd, rolled in more modern bands with hints of The Verve, and even older Radiohead, combined with the kick, grit, and liveliness of American rock and roll."

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