Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hifidelics Review & Vinyl Distribution

Lost in Here is now available at Hifidelics, the Chicago indie vinyl distributors.

Some generous words from their site...

Flowing with both the beauty and wrath of nature, San Francisco’s Your Cannons bring forth a full-bodied gulp of psychedelic brightness and dirty post-punk. Lost In Here acts as a sonic maze through breathtaking elements and landscapes, from floating and free-falling through a shoe-gaze sky to being jolted by lightning guitar riffs. While the journey may begin with a few jolts here or there, soon some strutting bass lines and rustling percussion will ease the storm to a peaceful breeze. Your Cannons lure the listener to get lost. 

Your Cannons prove to be a post-punk psychedelic soundscape in their debut album with the breathy coos of vocalist Andrew Chammings floating over trippy grooves, wandering melodies and grinding distortion. Lost in Here paints a mural of night and day violently crashing together at twilight over vast mountains and endless plains. Every song plays a different role, from chilling wind, to shimmering sunlight. With five members hailing from three different countries, it’s easy to see that the combination of influence is rich and eclectic with diversity in Your Cannons. Lost in Here is a testament to the journey that music has the power to become when put in the right hands.

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